Monday, September 5, 2011

Been a while

I've kinda of neglected this blog for the last month or so...
so much has  been going on ... school started last year of middle school for TPWB... already proving to be rough year, but we will get it through it . 
We haven't been racing much, have moved TPWB up to a bigger bike that really scares me, but can't let him know that
Still haven't found a horse yet, have looked at a couple, was supposed to look at one Sunday, she texts Saturday she has already taken a deposit.  Had another one lined up for this week, but then she went and posted the horse for more $ on a for sale site... after we had discussed me trying it... that make me not want to even go look at it... I know I'm hard headed but to me that's not good business oh well some folks have character some folks don't.
the weather today is so nice!! finally has cooled off some, but I'm sure it will heat right back up.
I have been riding my old mare a little here lately, even took her off the farm (so to speak) for the 1st time in 5 yrs,  I was so proud of her :)  Well I better get busy hope everyone has a great Labor day
I love this mare!!!

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