Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting organized

Trying to get my house organized and keep it that way so that I will have more time to spend with the kids and doing the things that I love to do.

I’m just trying to figure out how in the heck did all this stuff get in my house.  

I dream of coming home to a clean, organized, laundry down and put away no more grabbing clean clothes out a laundry basket.

no, stacks of paper and mail,  I’m dreaming of having a place for  everything and everything in its place.

okay I’m awake from my dream,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trail Riding

Took the new mare for a little trail ride last Sunday,

I have to say she did really good, I mean she did really good.

Her and my BIL’s new horse Cookie, who by the way is gorgeous

just wait till I can get some pictures up of her.  They are the young ones, both of


them acted like the solid season pros.  While on the other hand the Solid

Seasoned Pros acted like a bunch of  years olds.

I’m seriously thinking about getting into the competitive trail riding stuff, give the

girls something else to do besides running barrels.  Think it might help me get my

seat back too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bug & Sue

Sue is my Sister in laws horse. 

we affectionly call her Sue So Fast, although my niece when poking fun at her mom will call her Sue So Fat.  But, we all know the truth, she is Sue So Fast.

Even the Bug girl knows it,  she thinks Sue is going to be hers one day, well she already thinks Sue is hers Smile  Everyone loves some Sue deer back yard 9-2011 005

here is Bug telling Go Sue Go

deer back yard 9-2011 006

Sue is such a good sport about everything,

Monday, October 17, 2011

More friends

Here are some more friends we have living around our house. 

this is from The Friday night that we went to the fair as we were leaving the drive.

9-10-11 017

This is from the the next weekend in the back yard

9-10-11 038

This is from the next, next weekend further back in the back yard

deer back yard 9-2011 002

What is so sad these deer are coming into our yards, because of all the new people coming in and building new houses they have now where else to go.  I have thought about throwing some feed out for them. But common sense tells me that even though as pretty as they are to look at, they could become a nuisance pretty quick.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Say Hello to my little friend

Meet my little friend, she or he has been with me all summer

9-10-11 008

Isn’t she beautiful, never thought I would think a spider was beautiful

my friend called her a zipper spider. I really don’t know what kind she is. 

9-10-11 007

but I really enjoyed watching her all summer.  She has decided to leave as I was at the barn yesterday I notice her and her web were gone.  Hopefully she will come back to visit next summer. 9-10-11 006

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I love going to the fair, although the fair here does little to remind me of the fairs from my youth.

Totally different here in town, than in the country.  I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted because we spilt up taking the kids to ride rides… when you have have 10 years between your kids…. well lets just say I don’t think the Bug is ready to ride the rides TPWB wants to ride…. although TPWB was a good sport and rode the “little kids” rides with is sister

9-10-11 023here is TPWB walking up to one ride

9-10-11 024hey he actually heard me and turned around

9-10-11 018how sweet is this? 9-10-11 035or this

9-10-11 030I wonder what he is telling her? but look they are sitting next to each other and not fighting.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guess Where I've Been?

Well, besides the usually you know,
Work, that place we all have to go,
unless you win the big lotto, that's not gonna happen here
you got to play to win, I don't play.
Grocery store, well that's a necessary evil,
Trust me, it is evil for those of us with a teenage boy.
But, really I've been able to ride the new mare a couple of times,
since I brought her home. So far so good we have some things to work
on but we will get there.  I love her willingness she just seems to be Thankful
for the attention that she gets. 
Shes not perfect, She needs some work, She has some issues
But her Attitude makes up for all the nots
This makes me happy,
unlike the Grocery store
I still haven't thought of a name,
I'm thinking its to much trouble
to change her name
and the old timers say it will bring you
Trouble (bad luck) if you change their  names
Although I am thinking about Dottie or Allie
but she just might stay Trouble
and she is so different from my fire breathing, let me at it,
short strided, short mare who is so jealous of her. I get tickled
watching them in the pasture it is funny