Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Horse Maybe

well, I think I have found a new horse
This makes me happy
went and rode her last Sunday, Laid back just what I need to get my feet wet
going to watch her at a show today
if I like what I see I will bring her home from the show
its a long haul up there I cant see making 2 trips
when it is a 100+ miles one way
will definitaly have the vet out 1st thing Sunday morning or might even stop by on the way home to pull blood, can't be having the Black Horse from Hades again thats another story within its self
oh and this mare is nothing that I set out looking for except maybe a mare :) 
no color
to tall
no where bred like I wanted
and I will have to definitely check into changing her name both barn name and paper name Please Lord let me be able to change her registered name

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