Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sold Again

Remember last week, I said I thought I had found a horse in my budget... well its sold too before I could get down there to look at it... but Chaneybug did learn to ride her scooter, oh excuse me its a gooter so its not all bad. :)


I love this time of year love to get up early in the morning before the world has woke up, enjoy the peace, watch my horse graze, somehow  it gives me peace.  Makes me a better me... even the crowing rooster gives me peace like he is saying "hey get up, Look at a beautiful day we are going to have.  Feels weird not going to a bike race on a Sunday, but until the dirt bike gets back from the Bike Doctor no more bike races for the "TPWB"  so I'm going to enjoy my horse, the crowing Rooster and everything God gives me to look at early in the morning.

Monday, September 20, 2010

What A Weekend

What a Weekend!!!! it was a busy weekend... 1st stop to the Fortune 5 Barrel race to watch my niece ride... believe it or not she has had this little mare "Cato"  or as we affectionately call the "Little Black Mare" thanks   Chaney bug... all summer long and this was the 1st time I was going to get to watch her run.. and of course I walk in right when she is finishing up... but she had a nice run and she is a nice little black mare.
Then Saturday we were off to the dirt Bike race for TP wanna be, and his engine locks up on the starting line... Thankfully a family that we barely knew offered to let "TP" borrow one of his daughters bikes... yes it was green and "TPWB" prefer yellow, but it more than got the job done and we were so thankful, because we were getting ready to load up and head back home which was 2 1/2 hours.   He did really good and finally took the inside line and made me proud... got home after 3A.M.  I'm getting way to old for that, and the Chaney bug is way to young for that... Took the bike to bike doctor its worse than we thought, but not as bad as it could be.
There were a few accidents at the race a couple of broke collar bones, and one wreck I don't know what happen because I was praying to God to keep my baby safe while he was on the starting line...
Sunday "TPWB" had his 1st date I was a nervous wreck.... he needs to leave the girls alone for now there will be plenty of time for them later... 
Niece ran 1 one hundreth of a second too fast, broke bike, 1st date and a sick be-be all in 3 days was a little much but we are happy and healthy and that is all that matters and I might have found a line on a new pony for me... although my budget has been cut alot since the bike decided to pull a dumb-dumb, but TPWB is worth it and I think I can work it in!!! God is good!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Phone call

Well you know when your kids go off for the weekend you always kinda cringe when the phone rings.  I had one of those phone calls Sunday night, should of know when MIL asked to speak to hubby... anyhoo  the skinny kid, you Travis P wanna be... decided it would be a good idea to jump from the  rack on the 4 wheeler onto a tire swing... it didn't turn out to well... hence the phone call.... " we think skinny kid broke his leg"  what do you mean he broke his leg?  well it swelled up really quick, and he felt something snap... I'm like great  100 miles between us... Thankfully its not broke, had to get a few stitches, and some Benadryl for the fire ants he fell into.. and he asks to stay at the Lake...I think he really bumped his head... made it home... and he thinks he is going to get to race next weekend.... I think I should had the doctor examine his head :) 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Its been a while...

It has been a while since I have posted, we survived the summer albeit a little busy... Really fell down on the blogging stuff,  will try to do better.. Still haven't found a new horse yet... the Old lady isn't going to hold up to running barrels again for any period of time... so we shall see have a great labor day!!!