Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well I'm finally glad to report that Trouble has arrived at my barn and as of last night she was safely tucked in her stall.

She is just a little girl, ( that is what C calls herself when she is in trouble)  but hopefully she will work out for me. She is really quiet so far, and that is what I liked about her.  I'm not worried about going fast yet if she can put me in the  4D I will be tickled pink.  We will worry about running later on right now we just need to get to know each other and I might need to think of a new name, because Trouble just seems a little negative but we shall see :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Horse Maybe

well, I think I have found a new horse
This makes me happy
went and rode her last Sunday, Laid back just what I need to get my feet wet
going to watch her at a show today
if I like what I see I will bring her home from the show
its a long haul up there I cant see making 2 trips
when it is a 100+ miles one way
will definitaly have the vet out 1st thing Sunday morning or might even stop by on the way home to pull blood, can't be having the Black Horse from Hades again thats another story within its self
oh and this mare is nothing that I set out looking for except maybe a mare :) 
no color
to tall
no where bred like I wanted
and I will have to definitely check into changing her name both barn name and paper name Please Lord let me be able to change her registered name

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well, I went and looked at the horse friend of a friend type deal… the little mare is cute and put together nice… did see some things that would worry me a little bit… But what worried my more is the way I reacted to being on a different horse… I really need to ride different horses I think after 17 years of riding the same horse has really hurt me, along with not “really” riding in the last 5 years.  Oh I can’t  forget the extra pounds I’m toting around.  But I can choose to dwell on all the above listed negatives or I can choose to do something about it. 

I’m choosing to do something about it… like my younger and wiser niece always says:  “Dream it, Wish it, DO IT”  gotta love the 20 something’s Smile  you only live once

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texas Wildfires

My heart just goes to the folks in Texas that are in harms way due to the Wildfires, I have never in my life had to endure something to this magnitude…Yeah sure a tornado, straight line winds, hurricanes, flooding but never something so final as a fire that eats and destroys everything in its path. 

The folks down there are already struggling with a drought, and a series of Wildfires earlier this summer and now this.  From my understanding there is over 14,000 acres burning right now that is not contained around Bastrop, TX. bastrop tx fire

I got this photo off of BHW,  Can you imagine driving towards that I can not.  It just breaks my heart that these folks have suffered so much this past year.  That families are loosing everything.  All I can do is offer up prayers for rain and that they can get this contain.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Been a while

I've kinda of neglected this blog for the last month or so...
so much has  been going on ... school started last year of middle school for TPWB... already proving to be rough year, but we will get it through it . 
We haven't been racing much, have moved TPWB up to a bigger bike that really scares me, but can't let him know that
Still haven't found a horse yet, have looked at a couple, was supposed to look at one Sunday, she texts Saturday she has already taken a deposit.  Had another one lined up for this week, but then she went and posted the horse for more $ on a for sale site... after we had discussed me trying it... that make me not want to even go look at it... I know I'm hard headed but to me that's not good business oh well some folks have character some folks don't.
the weather today is so nice!! finally has cooled off some, but I'm sure it will heat right back up.
I have been riding my old mare a little here lately, even took her off the farm (so to speak) for the 1st time in 5 yrs,  I was so proud of her :)  Well I better get busy hope everyone has a great Labor day
I love this mare!!!