Saturday, July 23, 2011

Definitely in the wrong field.

Had a friend call me today, been friends since high school, her daughter has been going to horse camp.
The owner/director of the horse camp wants to charge my friend $150 dollars to haul her daughter, along with the other campers. She does haul the horses to the show, and she allows the campers to use her horses and she "coaches" them thru the barrel pattern at the show.  Now, I could see charging this much if she was hauling a pretty good distance, only hauling 10 miles or  so.  I could see charging this much if it was money show, its only a local twice a month ribbon show.   My friend has been out of horses for a little bit, she still has a few around her place but nothing trust worthy for a 13 yr old girl.  So she called and asked my opinion.... Oh boy
1st I told her I though $150 was a little way to much to carry the girls to a show, they needed to pay her something but $150 per child was a little much, but you know I'm kinda of cheap.  But, this $150 was on top of the $100+ a week that each child pays.
2nd I told her to sell the hooligans in her pasture and get her daughter a been there done it horse... she doesn't want to do that... wants to get one of her  hooligans in the pasture going for her daughter... I think I need to leave this alone.  It just amazes me parents want their children to do good, but then they don't want to spend the time, money or energy to give them the tools to be good.  And yet she told me I was stupid for doing what I do for my oldies, oh well some folks just have to learn the hard way.

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