Sunday, October 28, 2012

Holy Moly Time has Flown

Sorry for not blogging in so long it has been crazy around here... Never knew one person could be so busy... okay I knew it but was just kinda of hoping it wouldn't be me :)

TPWB  has now entered high school he is okay with it, alright he is over joyed with it... I'm not makes me kinda of sad because I know in a few short years he will be leaving me and that is something I just want to think about for now.

However he has made the Cross Country team! Go Wildcats!! brings back memories of when I used to run,  yes key word used to.  He has ran varsity as freshman 8 out of 10 races, makes me very proud.   There was an article written about the Regional Race last week with just a tidbit about him and another freshmen runner on his team... I don't think I could be any prouder.  Here is the link to it. Region 7 Article and yes we do get into our high schools around here :)

so next weekend we are heading to the State Championship Meet.  Don't know how we will do, but pray all of the teams have a great run and some PR's are set.  And, I will be sending a little special prayer up for my son's team, They have to be the best group of kids I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. Well until next time, which I hope to do better than 8 or 9 months.