Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish every one a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year,

Been thinking about some goals for the new year, I'm such a goal person,
almost to being obsessive about it LOL. anyways you guys have a wonderful holiday with family and friends and I can't wait to see what Santa brings me !!! I'm really needing a new headstall and breast collar for the horse :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Remember??

Well you remember, how I was looking forward to going back to work after the long weekend??? Right??? Well, when I went to lunch I checked my cell phone and I had a missed call and it was the school... I'm like great the dude is sick... so I'm in panic the school tell them who's mom I was.... thats the funny thing when you have kids you know longer go by your own name you go by " I'm dude's mom or I'm taterbug's mom". I knew I was in trouble when receptionist said just a minute Ms. asst principal wants to talk you regarding the "dude" yes my hands were sweating.... talk to Ms. Asst. principal seems like the dude, who is known for his warped sensed of humor pulled a prank at school..... and she felt that he needed to severe consquences to reinforce his behavior.... so he is at home for 3 days, yes thats right 3 days... we won't talk about what kind of prank he pulled for the fear that it will get me all riled up again and I will have to add more hours to already scheduled work load, and maybe take away the books that he allowed to read... or for the fear that I might start laughing... because it was pretty darn funny.... yes, I have warped sense of humor too.... sorry. but the poor little fella owes his mom and dad 72 hours of labor... in order to buy all of his stuff from his room back.... He thinks he is going to make me crazy and I will give his stuff back no way!!!! I'm standing strong...
see even he is giving me the thumbs up on the standing strong part

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Looking Forward to Work Tomorrow

Well, that is something I thought I would never say " Looking Forward to Work Tomorrow" It has been a crazy holiday weekend. Four days home with a tween and toddler gone wild, Gosh I'm wore out. I don't know how you stay at home moms do it... I think I would loose it after two weeks... so more power to you stay at home moms you girls and guys are amazing : ) Other than the kids running me ragged, not getting everything done liked I planned it was very nice to be at home with my kids. I loved all the extra hugs, snuggles and cuddles I got to do over the 4 day weekend. I'm so thankful that I have the two of them and my husband, along with all my 4 legged critters. Yes, even Shaky Syd the Jack Russell Terrorist LOL. I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sorry Its been a while

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted it has been very busy here, kinda crazy busy.... but like I said we try to have fun getting it all done. Well since the last time I posted I walked into my barn to a serial kill... 2 doves and 5 mice... but I think I found the guilty party its Suzuki ..... I bet you guys thought the dirt bike had gone mad... nope its our barn cat and she is a working girl. I'm not normally a cat person but this one she has just kinda of stuck with us and she acts like a dog more so than a cat.

Let me tell you how I ended up with this cat.... I went to look at a horse... Bought the horse.... Rusty Wallace.... Well Rusty didn't quite work out, it only took 5 stitches behind the right ear, two broken teeth, and a really pretty horseshoe bruise on the side of my face.... Sent that joker packing to Louisiana, Yep Cajun country... but anyways back to the cat.... when we went to pick Rusty Wallace up... it was a good 2 1/2 hour drive each way... we were about half way home were going to stop and get something to eat. My son was in a panic just go through the drive through mom... hmmm him miss a chance to play on the playground at McDonalds? I didn't say we were eating at 5 star resturant. Something was definitely up... Looked back and he had this dang cat up under his coat she was about 5 weeks old... I call the girl I got the horse from and she was laughing and ask me how far we had gotten..... too far to turn back... so that is how we got Suzuki.. how she ended up at the barn is whole other story.... but she has turned out to be a really good cat does her job very well.... no vermin overtaking my barn. There was a time when I 1st moved there I get a barn cat and the vermin would run the cat off. Not my suzuki, she will stalk em tell she gets is the dude giving her just rewards for a job well done :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day one

Well I figured Saturday I go ahead and get started.... Head out to the barn to ride... I left my normal bridle at home so I just used what I could find in my trailer.... yea a wonder bit will work, tie down oops forgot it too... well she is 19 surely she won't do anything stupid... yea right who was I kidding, she might be 19 but she hasn't changed a bit. I probably should have lunged her before I started but I was using the age factor. HA! We made a couple loops around the pasture at a walk, tried trotting she do that for a few strides, then decide she wants to do her fired up, little short lope, this went on for a good 30 minutes it was getting dark so I decided I better quit while I was ahead. I'll be ready for her Sunday
not her best picture, she is standing in a hole, and has been out on pasture for the last 3 1/2 years but didn't have my barn dude with me to hold the beast. Just kidding she really isn't a beast :) Well Sunday was a little bit better than Saturday... she was still doing her little let me at them short lope but all and all pretty good if I can just keep Penny the pony from hollering the whole time I'm riding and keeping Fancy's mind on me.... we shall see. I still don't know if she is going to hold up to go back to the barrel pen but time will tell she does have a little arthur in one of her knees and her hocks but you wouldn't know it by the way she moves around in the pasture. Figuring I will just ride her, and let her tell me if she can handle it or not. Hopefully you all will be able to see a change in her muscle tone... Heck I might even see a change in mine... we both have gotten kinda of Flabby in our older age.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blayne @ Hidden Valley 101809

The Wild Friday Night

You know sometimes it just happens you have to be in two places at one time .... what is one person to do?.... do I clone myself.... heck no I couldn't handle two of me so I know the rest of the world couldn't so this is what I had to accomplish after 8 hours of work and I had 3 hours to get it all done, but had faith that I could get it done, well maybe get it done , okay maybe get some of it done, ok, ok. I got a little bit of it done. First things 1st Call this guy, alright dude make sure you are ready for you halloween dance by the time I get home. Can he do it? I guess the right question is will he do it?

next stop I have to stop at the store to pick up a baking pan with a lid of course. I can't take brownies from home in any old pan. I'm really needing some new bake ware but it not something you think about until you need it. Then off to pick up the little one how cute is this
now we are flying to the barn have to get the horses fed and turned back out, oh wait I'll just call hubby for that. Please Please Please go feed the horses, No don't worry about the stalls we'll get them later...notice how I just throw that "we'll" get them later :) now were off to home, come rolling in Yes!!!! he did listen finally he did something I asked him to do. Throw the brownies in the oven, throw the tater bug in the tub get her ready.... one word of advice when your in a hurry, trying to get 4 people ready, bake brownies, feed horse... never get the little one fully dressed in "going out clothes " until your ready to walk out the door or hide all the magic markers especially the green ones... I'm think I have a picasso on my hands. Every body is home, brownies are done, bag is packed... now we are waiting oh my gosh we got finished with time to spare imagine that. so during this 15 minutes that we are waiting tater bug got ahold of a green magic marker had some lovely green impressionist art or is that modern art on a brand new pair of jeans... so here we go again looking for a pair of clean jeans to change into yep found the ones I was looking for. Thank you God, yes!!! during all of this the phone is ringing off the hook when did 6th grade guys start calling each of other by their last names... anyways back to the story... well changing the tater bug all she can ask is " are you liking my pink boots? " yes tater bug I'm liking your pink boots, now we really have to get out the door
Truck loaded and locked 1st stop the dude ( Travis Pastrana) wanabe that was his Halloween costume for the dance drop him off get strict instructions not to be late picking him up. Why do my hands still sweat when I get a talking to by the principal of the school? By the way this is the 1st time I let him go to anything like this more on that later. Now we are flying, no doing the speed limit...., to the awards banquet for the tater bug. We're already 15 minutes behind schedule see what a green magic marker can do to you. We finally made it .... have a great dinner waiting for the award stuff to begin.... watching the clock .... shoot I have to leave to pick the dude up.... honey just stay with Tater bug I can't be late you heard the principal... my hands started to sweat at this point again... so I head back the other direction ... and in the meantime I'm listening on the phone while they call the tater bug to get her award a really nice pretty shining belt buckle for the lead line class(pictue of that later) she still sleeping with it, she likes it better than pooh bear right now....oh he didn't get a close up picture.... so I got the dude picked up from is school dance and were off back to the banquet.... we get a phone call its hubby they let the tater bug draw the winner of the saddles and she picked her cousin surely the tater bug can't read yet she's not even 2... we finally all get back together and now shes asking " are you liking my belt bucket?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Truck Warranty Haha

Well you know when you buy a new truck lets say for $40K you would kinda of expect to get more than 5yrs 4 months and 15 days out of it. Don't cha think? Am I being unreasonable? The dealer thinks so LOL. The warranty went out 4 months and 15 days ago and I'm looking at 3,000 to have it repaired. I think it is going to sit for a little bit, I'm thinking about calling the dealer and manufaucter every day for 4 months and 15 days. Would that be consider harrassment? My Dad said I could worry anybody into anything LOL. It is no fun being broke down on the side of the road with a tween, toddler, and a horse.... let me tell you. Well I better get busy around here, before the boys get home from motorcross racing.... and I need to scope out the use truck ads, no way am I buying a new one again...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We survied

Well the Weatherman lied, and that is all I'm going to say about him.... was supposed to be a perfect weekend.... well it was perfect Saturday, but come Sunday it was a totally different story... woke up to rain.... and guess what? those poor guys get to race rains, sleet, snow, hot, cold... I think the only thing that stops them is Thunderstorms.... but we did it... or should I say my son did it... I stayed in the comfy cozy warmth of the running truck... but I did step out while he raced... but you can bet your butt I was right back in the truck as soon as it was over... I'm such a fair weather person. Anyways we moved up 2 places so he is now in 5th place for the year with 5 more races to go. Lets hope we can keep it there.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

6 weeks of Motorcross

Well the busy motorcross season his here six straight weekends, trying to get my son to finish in the top 5 of his local series. Its great way for my son and husband to spend time together well family time. I have to go to we were in Arkansas last weekend, This weekend in Tennessee for the next couple weeks, then on to Missouri, then down to Mississippi for 2 weeks. I do get grouchy because it takes time away from my horses and the debt repayment plan... hubby didn't tell me how expensive this was goign to be, but it is for a good cause. Hopefully we can get him to finish in the top 5 and keep gaining experience. It just amazes me at how good some of the kids are its just like in barrel racing I guess some have it and some don't.
But I am proud of my son because he has only been riding for 2 years this past month and we don't have the area for him to practice everyday at home like some of his mx friends, last year was his 1st full year of racing so we will see how it goes I don't think my heart could handle some of the high jumping antics of some of his friends if he should start doing them but we will see.
On the horse front we have decided to sell the Pony I'm going to have to put about 90 days on her because she has been turned out for about 3 years except for an occasional ride around the barn or a trail ride here and there. I've gotta make an appointment at the vet for both of them to get coggins, teeth and all the other good stuff done. Make sure that Fancy is going to hold up with me bringing her back at her age with the last few years of living the life riley she has been doing. Don't want to ask her for to much before she is ready... kinda of like us going to get a phyiscal before we start new exercise program... LOL.
On the Debt front, we should finally have the tater bug paid off by her 2nd birthday it has taken forever but it is there and another bill in November also so that is going to free up $200 per month. Planning on taking it easy through December to get through Christmas then start killing debt again hard in January by March we should be debt free except for the house, & credit line. then we can start saving like crazy to buy hubby a new truck. But have i learned anything can happen between now.
Well off to the feed store.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

fortune 5 8/05

Starting over : )

Gosh, Where do I Start???? I guess I'm starting over it seems like it has been forever since I've gotten to ride my horse and now that I can she has gone and gotten old on me. Sshhhh!!!! don't tell her, because in her mind she still thinks she is young, around 5 the way she tears through the pasture. I still call her my "baby girl" even though she is going to be 20 this coming April... I just has me thinking I can't belive that I have had her for 16 years next month October 25th to be exact. I look at how much she has aged her back has a slight dip dare not say she's swayback she will snake her head at you and take off :) oh how she still loves to run... but now that I'm the hunt for a new horse how is that going to make her feel... its almost like she is jealous of any other animal that I have have I guess we are just made to be together... so starting tomorrow her and I are starting over I guess we are going to see if us two ladies have what it takes to go have some fun.... oh let me rephrase that we are going to have to start on Monday I get to spend the day cheering my son on at his dirtbike race.