Saturday, September 26, 2009

fortune 5 8/05

Starting over : )

Gosh, Where do I Start???? I guess I'm starting over it seems like it has been forever since I've gotten to ride my horse and now that I can she has gone and gotten old on me. Sshhhh!!!! don't tell her, because in her mind she still thinks she is young, around 5 the way she tears through the pasture. I still call her my "baby girl" even though she is going to be 20 this coming April... I just has me thinking I can't belive that I have had her for 16 years next month October 25th to be exact. I look at how much she has aged her back has a slight dip dare not say she's swayback she will snake her head at you and take off :) oh how she still loves to run... but now that I'm the hunt for a new horse how is that going to make her feel... its almost like she is jealous of any other animal that I have have I guess we are just made to be together... so starting tomorrow her and I are starting over I guess we are going to see if us two ladies have what it takes to go have some fun.... oh let me rephrase that we are going to have to start on Monday I get to spend the day cheering my son on at his dirtbike race.