Saturday, July 23, 2011

new dirt bike

Well TPWB has sold his RM85 .... I was really sad to see it go, it was such a good bike, I have alot of good memories with my son and this bike.  This is the 1st day we got her:

oh if your wondering who the 4 legs belong to in the background, thats my niece C on her new horse at the time Ace.  He didn't last very long though, he was scary fast though and a good look joker, but I guess I better leave it at that :) anyhoo here the rest of him

Now back to bikes, TPWB decided to sell his bike, unbeknownst to me, him and his daddy decided to move him up in bike size to a RM125.  Now, I'm wondering is my 13 yo ready for a bigger bike, is he ready for tougher competition, ready to race against adults?  All these questions race thru my head, especially since he has been struggling on the 85, hubby keeps trying to tell me it has to do with TPWB not being comfortable on the smaller bike due to him being so tall, I don't know I guess I'm just going to have to worry about him being out there with more experience riders or I can cut his legs off a the knees and put him back on his 65 ( disclaimer just kidding about cutting his legs off would never really do that ) but I really do miss the KX65 days, it was the bike that started all of this
its how we ended up with the number 55 hubby took it as some kind of sign, it was his old football jersey number.  Here is a cool pic I caught on the last race on the 65 at Shelby ShowPlace arena
poor little guy I hate when it happens, it usually means mommas gotta buy Ethel some new fenders, or she has to hunt zip ties and duck tape, that stuff is amazing.

but just wanted to say bye to Ethel, she has been a good girl for 3yrs even though she cost me my new horse I think it was worth it
the last ride in the danger ranger :)  hope she brings lots of good luck to her next kid.

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