Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Wild Friday Night

You know sometimes it just happens you have to be in two places at one time .... what is one person to do?.... do I clone myself.... heck no I couldn't handle two of me so I know the rest of the world couldn't so this is what I had to accomplish after 8 hours of work and I had 3 hours to get it all done, but had faith that I could get it done, well maybe get it done , okay maybe get some of it done, ok, ok. I got a little bit of it done. First things 1st Call this guy, alright dude make sure you are ready for you halloween dance by the time I get home. Can he do it? I guess the right question is will he do it?

next stop I have to stop at the store to pick up a baking pan with a lid of course. I can't take brownies from home in any old pan. I'm really needing some new bake ware but it not something you think about until you need it. Then off to pick up the little one how cute is this
now we are flying to the barn have to get the horses fed and turned back out, oh wait I'll just call hubby for that. Please Please Please go feed the horses, No don't worry about the stalls we'll get them later...notice how I just throw that "we'll" get them later :) now were off to home, come rolling in Yes!!!! he did listen finally he did something I asked him to do. Throw the brownies in the oven, throw the tater bug in the tub get her ready.... one word of advice when your in a hurry, trying to get 4 people ready, bake brownies, feed horse... never get the little one fully dressed in "going out clothes " until your ready to walk out the door or hide all the magic markers especially the green ones... I'm think I have a picasso on my hands. Every body is home, brownies are done, bag is packed... now we are waiting oh my gosh we got finished with time to spare imagine that. so during this 15 minutes that we are waiting tater bug got ahold of a green magic marker had some lovely green impressionist art or is that modern art on a brand new pair of jeans... so here we go again looking for a pair of clean jeans to change into yep found the ones I was looking for. Thank you God, yes!!! during all of this the phone is ringing off the hook when did 6th grade guys start calling each of other by their last names... anyways back to the story... well changing the tater bug all she can ask is " are you liking my pink boots? " yes tater bug I'm liking your pink boots, now we really have to get out the door
Truck loaded and locked 1st stop the dude ( Travis Pastrana) wanabe that was his Halloween costume for the dance drop him off get strict instructions not to be late picking him up. Why do my hands still sweat when I get a talking to by the principal of the school? By the way this is the 1st time I let him go to anything like this more on that later. Now we are flying, no doing the speed limit...., to the awards banquet for the tater bug. We're already 15 minutes behind schedule see what a green magic marker can do to you. We finally made it .... have a great dinner waiting for the award stuff to begin.... watching the clock .... shoot I have to leave to pick the dude up.... honey just stay with Tater bug I can't be late you heard the principal... my hands started to sweat at this point again... so I head back the other direction ... and in the meantime I'm listening on the phone while they call the tater bug to get her award a really nice pretty shining belt buckle for the lead line class(pictue of that later) she still sleeping with it, she likes it better than pooh bear right now....oh he didn't get a close up picture.... so I got the dude picked up from is school dance and were off back to the banquet.... we get a phone call its hubby they let the tater bug draw the winner of the saddles and she picked her cousin surely the tater bug can't read yet she's not even 2... we finally all get back together and now shes asking " are you liking my belt bucket?"

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