Saturday, October 3, 2009

6 weeks of Motorcross

Well the busy motorcross season his here six straight weekends, trying to get my son to finish in the top 5 of his local series. Its great way for my son and husband to spend time together well family time. I have to go to we were in Arkansas last weekend, This weekend in Tennessee for the next couple weeks, then on to Missouri, then down to Mississippi for 2 weeks. I do get grouchy because it takes time away from my horses and the debt repayment plan... hubby didn't tell me how expensive this was goign to be, but it is for a good cause. Hopefully we can get him to finish in the top 5 and keep gaining experience. It just amazes me at how good some of the kids are its just like in barrel racing I guess some have it and some don't.
But I am proud of my son because he has only been riding for 2 years this past month and we don't have the area for him to practice everyday at home like some of his mx friends, last year was his 1st full year of racing so we will see how it goes I don't think my heart could handle some of the high jumping antics of some of his friends if he should start doing them but we will see.
On the horse front we have decided to sell the Pony I'm going to have to put about 90 days on her because she has been turned out for about 3 years except for an occasional ride around the barn or a trail ride here and there. I've gotta make an appointment at the vet for both of them to get coggins, teeth and all the other good stuff done. Make sure that Fancy is going to hold up with me bringing her back at her age with the last few years of living the life riley she has been doing. Don't want to ask her for to much before she is ready... kinda of like us going to get a phyiscal before we start new exercise program... LOL.
On the Debt front, we should finally have the tater bug paid off by her 2nd birthday it has taken forever but it is there and another bill in November also so that is going to free up $200 per month. Planning on taking it easy through December to get through Christmas then start killing debt again hard in January by March we should be debt free except for the house, & credit line. then we can start saving like crazy to buy hubby a new truck. But have i learned anything can happen between now.
Well off to the feed store.

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