Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 is Here

Yay!!!! Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe New Years Eve.  We spent our time at a barrel race watching my niece and my sister in law riding.  It was great fun  I haven’t been at that arena well over a year. 

I really need to find my big girl panties and go ride Smile 

decided I’m not going to set any resolutions this year, but I am going to set some goals and try to achieve some dreams.   I hope everyone one else does too.

here a few of mine

1. Try to spend more quality time with my kids & family

2. Take a picture everyday for the entire year, just what ever floats my fancy

3. start riding and barrel racing  again and pray to the Good Lord above I don’t totally embarrass myself and I can at least run an 18 sec pattern that is going to take a lot see below

4. Get back in shape, so desperately need to get back in shape LOL, it is totally scary in that department over here

5. Get TPWB back on the track and having fun on his bike

There are lots other but going to try to concentrate on just a few at a time… oh got to get this house cleaned out and organized it amazes me at how much stuff we have accumulated  crazy I tell you crazy.

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