Saturday, January 7, 2012

1st week of the New Year

Its been pretty uneventful around here so far,  guys went to ride dirt bikes, going to try to find sometime to ride Trouble today.

I did sign up for the the  "The Great Trailrider's Distance Derby" I’m really looking forward to get started on that, I’m thinking its what I need to get my tail in gear.  Have been looking for a GPS that is technotard proof  and learn about my tracks and stuff.  Thankfully I have a 14 y old LOL

I did get some pictures this week, so I am keeping that goal just none of them I think are interesting enough to post.  and I need to get them off of my phone and camera.

Got to go out and take my FIL out to lunch tomorrow for his birthday, Why do people always pick the most expensive place to eat…. I mean the cheapest thing is a baked potato at $5 Hello I can buy 5lbs of potatoes for $5…. Don’t mean to come across as cheap, but we are trying to save for a new house with property, and it seems like for the last 10-12 weeks we have been having to go to eat out at a minimum of $60 a dinner … it adds up quick… Yes, I am a numbers nerd, and are following  Dave Ramsey  hope to be debt free by the  end of the year.. But It will be worth it to spend some time with my FIL he’s a really great guy.

well, I better get busy on this house and get some stuff done around here, because we are still running around like a chicken with our heads off, with everything we got going on….

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