Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TPWB is Back

Well TPWB is back!!  We actually took a break from dirt-bike racing this past summer and fall. 

I think TPWB needed the break, I know his Dad and I did.

But he is back, he had to move up in bike size, we still have to get it set up shock wise for him, because he so light weight, reminds of a bobble head on the track.

Took him to practice, only the 2nd time on this bike,  the 1st time him and his Dad went, TPWB came thru the back and informed me that not horses can throw their riders, dirt bikes can too.  Dad was trying to show him something on his bike and apparently the bike threw him.  But all is well, except a few sore muscles.  But so glad to see my son back doing something he loves.


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