Sunday, June 26, 2011

start of a new season

Well today is the the start of the new MX Season for my son, I guess we will be running around like crazy from now until the 1st of the new year.   There are 16 races in his series plus the ones we just decided to go to.  I'm staying home today because it is just way to hot to carry the little one when the temps are 96 degrees and God only knows what the heat index is going to be. 
I'm just hoping he rides well and is safe. 
And with the new season I thought I would do something a little different here too.  I'm going to to try to journal 365 days of my riding, with myself and my horses ( one I still have to find ) of getting back into barrel racing. just a disclaimer it might take more that a calendar year, you know us mom's are that way.   And, the things I need to do to get back in the game.  It might just not be about riding, could be barn work, and other things too :)   oh and the new computer had to take it back and get a new one Thank Goodness for Sam's club and their 90 day guarantee.  I will never by another Dell product again, I think the actual machine was okay, but it was their customer service I was very, very disappointed with.  Well, enough of my rambling I'm off to do barn chores before it gets to hot, and I have to purge the little ones room before she gets home.... I'm thinking she might become a candidate for that show hoarders :) 

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