Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well we have a new family member after lots of begging, crying, whining, pleading, and promises...I said I was going to stay strong... I wasn't going to bend, I wasn't going to give.  Hubby says I have Sucker tattooed across my forehead when it comes to my Kids .... My Travis P wannabe broke me... here she is....
Meet Reid we really only know that she has some Heeler and they are thinking some Fox terrier... she ought to be hard headed for sure... she was pound bound... and since she had already been adopted once her survival options weren't looking to good.... but what could I have done I couldn't send her back to the pound... the lady had her sister too, but there was no way I could take on both of them .... she was really cute too more terrier looking, and a little more yippy... I already have one yip-yap dog.... so far so good Reid is really quiet, and seems pretty content and if your wondering about the name Reid here is her name can check out his site here

I guess he was figuring they were somehow both Aussie's :)

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