Saturday, May 29, 2010

Horse Shopping Part II

Well with the long weekend ahead of us, I took Friday off thinking I could go check to potential new ponies out... I have been eyeing the 2 beautimus potentialees for the past 2 weeks... yea, I've been looking but when your on budget oh well you know it takes a while... any how 2 catch my eye... I get home Thursday evening get on line to get the phone numbers... I rather talk to a person about horse than email... you just seem to get a "feel" .... 
potentialee #1  black gelding, nice reining lines okay really nice reining lines... I was shocked, no distraught, well I was really, really sad to see between work and home he had been marked sold... I mean come on I'm only six miles from home... you gotta give a girl chance to get in touch with you :)  so I move on to potenilee # 2  just a plain sorrel mare, kinda  bred like my mare  now but with Frenchmans guy throw in for good measure... I love me some Frenchmans guy now... anyhoo I call the people leave a message and wait, and wait heck i waited some more finally gave up head out the barn and take care of the girls... get up Friday morning still no phone call Surely they want to sell this horse Right?  so I email again, I'm in shocked she is sold back to the drawing board again : ( .  So I went and rode Fancy last night with SIL it was nice just to get out of the house and on the back of a horse for an hour or two...

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