Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Remember??

Well you remember, how I was looking forward to going back to work after the long weekend??? Right??? Well, when I went to lunch I checked my cell phone and I had a missed call and it was the school... I'm like great the dude is sick... so I'm in panic the school tell them who's mom I was.... thats the funny thing when you have kids you know longer go by your own name you go by " I'm dude's mom or I'm taterbug's mom". I knew I was in trouble when receptionist said just a minute Ms. asst principal wants to talk you regarding the "dude" yes my hands were sweating.... talk to Ms. Asst. principal seems like the dude, who is known for his warped sensed of humor pulled a prank at school..... and she felt that he needed to severe consquences to reinforce his behavior.... so he is at home for 3 days, yes thats right 3 days... we won't talk about what kind of prank he pulled for the fear that it will get me all riled up again and I will have to add more hours to already scheduled work load, and maybe take away the books that he allowed to read... or for the fear that I might start laughing... because it was pretty darn funny.... yes, I have warped sense of humor too.... sorry. but the poor little fella owes his mom and dad 72 hours of labor... in order to buy all of his stuff from his room back.... He thinks he is going to make me crazy and I will give his stuff back no way!!!! I'm standing strong...
see even he is giving me the thumbs up on the standing strong part

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