Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guess Where I've Been?

Well, besides the usually you know,
Work, that place we all have to go,
unless you win the big lotto, that's not gonna happen here
you got to play to win, I don't play.
Grocery store, well that's a necessary evil,
Trust me, it is evil for those of us with a teenage boy.
But, really I've been able to ride the new mare a couple of times,
since I brought her home. So far so good we have some things to work
on but we will get there.  I love her willingness she just seems to be Thankful
for the attention that she gets. 
Shes not perfect, She needs some work, She has some issues
But her Attitude makes up for all the nots
This makes me happy,
unlike the Grocery store
I still haven't thought of a name,
I'm thinking its to much trouble
to change her name
and the old timers say it will bring you
Trouble (bad luck) if you change their  names
Although I am thinking about Dottie or Allie
but she just might stay Trouble
and she is so different from my fire breathing, let me at it,
short strided, short mare who is so jealous of her. I get tickled
watching them in the pasture it is funny

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